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Camper Information

More About Day Camp

Our Huddles

Campers participate in our programming largely in their huddles, but there are times and activities throughout the week where we combine groups and get to play together. You will notice that your camper has a necklace with some beads on it. These beads are handed out by staff as a celebration of things that we see campers doing well, that we want our campers to remember being appreciated for, and hopefully it will help them remember to share that with you! Each huddle has three main beads to recognize campers’ participation in activities, in their huddles, and in the daily theme and there are a variety of other beads that huddles can earn throughout the week for participating well in camp activities!

Bears (K), Lions+Jaguars (1st-2nd), Wovles+Rhinos (3rd-4th), Sharks (5th-6th)

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