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We are excited to see new and returning families this summer! 

Registration will remain open, but we do want to share that many of our programs are currently waitlisted. Please feel free to use the information below to ask any questions or request details about your camper's waitlist status.

Have a question? Email Shelby Thomas anytime or contact us HERE  

About Our Form

This is the image of the Registration Form home page
(The "Login" option will show when registration is open)

Important Note: If you have a Veracross account, which applies to all Trinity students and/or previous Summer participants, do not "register"; just "login" to get started! 
If you already have an account and use "register", you will receive an error code to ensure you don't create a duplicate account. Please ensure that if you are creating an account, that you add all camp aged children as you will not be able to add them to the same household later.
About "Browse Catalog"
To see all available programs and get an overview of 2024, click here! 
This won't take you to registration and an account is not required to view the programs.
About "Register"
If you do not have an account, then you will need to use "register" to create one. Once you have an account, you will need to go back to the home page to login and get started!
About "Login"
If you are a Trinity family OR if you have already created an account, then all you need to do is login with your Veracross credentials and it will take you to your options for registration

Registration FAQs

Form Won't Load?

Try closing out the window and clicking again (simple but it usually works!)

Register w/o Paying?

Registrations without payment are complete as long as payment is in by the due dates

How to Pay Later?

Click Here for instructions for paying at a later date and to pay by check

Can I change Registration?

Scroll down to submit a change of registration request! Refund policies are found here

On a Waitlist?

Scroll down to see general info about our waitlists or email to check on the status

Getting Started!

All 2024 Summer Programs can be found here!

This link will take you to the full catalog of programs for Day, Sports, and Combo Camps for grades K-6th and our New MS Basketball Camp for 5th-8th.
Submitted Registration? Time to fill out the Camp Waiver!

For full details on waiver submission, click HERE.
To fill out a Medication Form, click HERE.
For those ONLY enrolled in Sports Camp!
Full details HERE.
*Registration for EDO will open January 31st*
If registered for EDO, campers can be dropped off in the Day/Combo drop off window.

About our Waitlists

Our form will allow families to be put on the waitlist. If a program is full, you will be allowed to proceed with a partial registration which will show up in our system as a "confirmed selection". These won't generate any charges but it will place you in line for that program should space open up. Space may open up for a variety of factors and if a spot opens up, we will contact the next family on the waitlist to see if they would like to claim that spot. Open spots need to be claimed by the deadline stated or we will move on to the next person on the waitlist. You are welcome to inquire anytime about your status and likelihood of space to open up and we will do our best to let you know, but there are no guarantees that families on a waitlist will be able to enroll in that program.

Need to change your registration?
Fill out the form below!

Requests for changes to registrations MUST be submitted via the form in order to be considered.

Thanks for submitting!

Registration will close May 22, 2024
After May 22, the form will no longer accept new submissions. We will only contact those who are already on the relevant waitlist should any space open up before the start of camp.

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